Everyone in the world should have structural access to clean water and good sanitation.

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Aqua for All and 3R partners launch a trillion dollar business deal!

Our infographic (pdf) summarizes the 3R business opportunities and invites impact investors, donors, philanthropists and financiers to co-develop investment programs that create leverage, effectiveness and impact.

The 3R Deal book ‘Reaching the millions’ (pdf) describes 8 thematic investment profiles to achieve impact through rainwater harvesting at scale.

Contact us to discuss the opportunities by sending an email to: info@aquaforall.org


One of our key programs is VIA Water

VIA Water supports innovative projects that solve water problems in African cities.

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VIA Water

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  • Delivering on the tranformational potential of PPPs

    October 22, 2018

    On November 20, the PPPLab is organizing a practical day of exchange, application and design for those working in public-private partnerships. Over the last four years, PPPLab, our partners and organizations engaged in PPPs have explored the transformational potential of PPPs. The emergence of the SDG-P facility is a good moment to concretely spell out…

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  • ‘Inspiration from Malawi’

    October 16, 2018

      Earlier this year our Program Manager Hester Foppen started investigating a market based approach for filter distribution in Malawi. It appears there is a market for filters, but Hester was discouraged at first: ‘We started in Malawi with this bold idea to supply safe water for all for only USD 2 per person. After half…

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  • 23/10/2018 - 26/10/2018
    12:00 pm - 2:00 pm



  • The amount of people at the Base of the (global wealth) Pyramid (BoP) whose lives we have helped improve.

  • The total amount of project and program money we have managed for funds and (government) grant programs.

  • The amount of companies we have worked with over the years, as (co-)financing partners or otherwise.

  • Track record

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