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We bridge the service and financial gap in the water and sanitation economy

Aqua for All

Aqua for All believes that innovation and public and private capital are needed to bridge the service and finance gap in the water and sanitation economy. In order to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitation for all, we focus on driving change, together with our stakeholders.

We operate in Africa and Asia and create an enabling environment for innovative initiatives to scale up.

In addition, we use our funds to facilitate public and private investments in viable water and sanitation solutions.  

By doing thisAqua for All strives to catalyse a thriving, sustainable water and sanitation economy;  

We are Making Water Count! 

What makes us unique?

Our added value

We drive  sustainability, innovation and inclusion in the water and sanitation economy 

Climate-smart funding for water and sanitation

Our climate strategy focuses on adaptation and mitigations as well as building community resilience.

How we work

Our strategy promotes innovation, aims at scaling up viable solutions, and facilitates public and private investments.

Our impact

We have facilitated access to clean water and good sanitation to low-income households in 65 countries. 

Key results

Clean water and good sanitation

More than 13.7 million low-income people got access to safe water, sanitation and/or IWRM.

Funds managed

Over €191.67 million in funds managed. Our funds were primarily spent in Africa (66%) and Asia (32%)

Focus: Africa and Asia

Operations in 65 countries, mainly in Africa and Asia​

Organisations supported

Around 300 organisations supported

Our initiatives

Market-based and sustainable water and sanitation enterprises, as well as innovative finance solutions, are needed to accelerate access to clean water and sanitation for all.

This map shows the initiatives, enterprises and programmes we are currently funding, or have recently supported.

Global programmes, or programmes covering several countries or all Aqua for All focus countries, are in some cases coordinated from our Head Office in The Hague, the Netherlands, and are therefore registered on the map as located in the Netherlands.

Meet our team

Our partner organisations