SIINC complemented Technical Assistance Support for ATEC* - Aqua for All

SIINC complemented Technical Assistance Support for ATEC*

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Project summary

ATEC* is a social enterprise that provides biodigesters to smallholder farmers in Cambodia and Bangladesh. This Technical Assistance support is taking place prior to ATEC’s Social Impact Incentive support, which aims to strengthen ATEC’s social and financial impact.

This 4 month TA intervention will support the enterprise to improve marketing and sales capacity related to behavioural change marketing to overcome behavioural barriers related to toilet connections to biodigesters. The focus is on identifying and implementing communication and sales strategies to better promote the benefits of both toilet connections of biodigesters, as well as convincing more households to switch to clean cooking. This TA support will amplify ATEC’s efforts to reach the highest impact during the SIINC intervention.

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