Our added value - Aqua for All

We drive innovation, increase inclusion and advance sustainability

Aqua for All

Our added value

Aqua for All drives innovation by transforming initiatives and solutions into viable businesses. We support these initiatives to overcome their barriers and unlock their full potential.

We increase inclusion by identifying viable solutions and SMEs with a social purpose. These initiatives have growth potential and positive impact on lowincome communities 

We advance sustainability by mobilising public and private capital to increase investments in the water and sanitation economy. We use our funds to unlock public and private capital and reduce  investment risks.


Aqua for All plays a catalyst role by linking businesses, financiers, governmental bodies, knowledge institutes and civil society organisations. 

Our networks and partnerships help to create an enabling environment. This allows unlocking innovations’ full potential, as well as attracting public and private capital. 


Our unique approach

Our approach focuses on the entire innovation ecosystem, rather than on the individual actors. These actors include governments, civil society, private businesses and financiers, customers and others.

Aqua for All opted for this approach because of the long-term continuation and the growth of an initiative as part of a local ecosystem. This way, we support effective, sustainable change.

Increase your value by partnering with Aqua for All, either by growing your innovation or investing in innovation.