Code of conduct - Aqua for All

Our Code of Conduct


Aqua for All’s vision and mission

Aqua for All’s vision is a world in which every human being has structural, sustainable access to clean water and good sanitation. We firmly believe that this world is possible and desirable.

Our mission is to enable people to indeed gain access to safe water and good sanitation, necessities for a better future. Our focus lies with the people of the world at the Base of the Pyramid: those who most often lack that access.



Integrity is at the core of Aqua for All. This includes the integrity of employees, contracted staff (including external consultants), volunteers and/or local representatives. The organisation is committed to remain trustworthy by acting correctly.

Integrity means undiscussed, incorruptible, transparency and clarity upon motives and values. It is a criterion for a well-functioning organisation.



Honesty, integrity and respect for everyone are the values guiding Aqua for All and its team:

  • We take care of our partner organisations. We deliver the highest possible service quality fairly and ethically.
  • We take responsibility for our staff – employed, contracted and voluntary. We are committed to inform and support them in the best way possible.


What is expected from contracted staff, consultants and local representatives?

  • Integrity, supervised by the programme managers and the managing director.
  • Respect for diversity, culture and customs. We refrain from any discrimination and abuse or misuse of power.
  • Proactively avoidance of conflict of interest related to contractual obligations – related to other jobs or businesses-, or to financial matters, either personal or related to third parties. Any professional/expert who is employed by another organisation must inform his/her employer about the activities for Aqua for All in advance.
  • Do not accept rewards, services or presents of over € 50,-.
  • Assets and resources (including information) of Aqua for All , its clients and partner organisations, will be used carefully and for legitimate work purposes only.
  • Do not accept any offers, payment or conditions additional to the contract, or acceptance of bribes.
  • When a contact – either through Aqua for All’s website or any other  interaction – has led to a consultancy job or assignment, Aqua for All will be timely informed. This information will specify whether any form of remuneration is included and whether there is a role to be played by Aqua for All.


Examples of inappropriate behaviour

  • On a business trip, staff, consultants or representatives take seeds or other goods that are sold at the destination. In this case, personal commercial activities are being mixed with Aqua for All activities.
  • Arranging internships or volunteerism at a “friendly” company to provide workers.
  • Spending time on acquisition for himself or a third party during an activity for Aqua for All.
  • Working hours are used for personal gain.

In case of doubt, Aqua for All’s management will be consulted.


Consequences of inappropriate behaviour

  • When under suspicion of violating this code, the management will approach the party involved.
  • If necessary, the management will adjourn any relationship with the party involved.


Adjusted from the Code of Conduct of Aqua for All (Expert form 2B. Version 2009)