Code of Conduct - Aqua for All

Aqua for All's Code of Conduct

Aqua for All is working towards a world in which every human being has structural, sustainable access to clean water and good sanitation. We firmly believe that this world is possible and desirable. Our mission is to enable people to indeed gain access to safe water and good sanitation, necessities for a better future. Our focus lies with the people of the world at the Base of the Pyramid: those who most often lack that access. To achieve our vision and mission, it is significant for those who work with Aqua for All to always be aware of the line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Our Code of Conduct will help us by providing the explanation of basic concepts underpinning ethical behaviour and broadly defines not only the conduct the organisation expects from its staff, consultants, and associated partners, but also what they can expect from Aqua for all.

The Code of Conduct applies to everyone working with Aqua for All. Hence, we must be mindful that each action in the context can have repercussions for the fate of many. This Code of Conduct sets out the conduct expected of all its staff, local representatives, consultants, any other individuals representing Aqua for All as well as our associated partners receiving funding from Aqua for All.

Due to the new collaboration with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on a new strategic plan and targets, the Code of Conduct in line with changes is updated.

For more information, read the 2021 Aqua for All – Code of Conduct.