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Global temperature increases have already exceeded 1.0C and are projected to exceed 1.5C in the next 10-20 years [1], leading to chronic and acute changes in the weather. Related climate hazards include increased droughts and wildfires, typhoons, cyclones, floods and sea level rise, as well as increased heat and water stress.  ​

It is becoming clear that many low-income and already vulnerable communities are likely to be among the hardest hit by the effects of climate change. In the regions where Aqua for All works, heavy rainfall and associated flooding are projected to intensify and become more frequent in most regions of Africa and Asia, and agricultural and environmental droughts are expected to become more frequent and/or severe [2].  And while the WASH sector is responsible for 3-7% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions [3], it is also at the front lines of having adjust to the impacts of climate change. ​



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