Our climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy - Aqua for All

Our climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy

Launched in 2023, our climate strategy’s ambition is to secure future water and sanitation service delivery and to contribute to scaling low carbon, climate resilient water and sanitation enterprises and infrastructure.

The strategy guides how our programmes will become climate smart – considering GHG mitigation and adaptation to the impacts of climate change.

The water and sanitation sector in our countries of operation have limited contributed to global GHG emissions but are heavily impacted by climate change. Therefore, our main focus is on climate adaptation and building resilience.


How do we assess and track climate impact?

  • Climate change adaptation

Aqua for All’s climate change adaptation strategy considers the resilience of WASH services to climate hazards as well as the impacts on resilience of local communities through WASH services.

  • Climate risk assessment framework

Our climate risk assessment framework determines the severity of the climate risks affecting any water and sanitation service by assessing location – specific hazards and vulnerabilities. We also categorise water enterprises by their contribution to the resilience of the communities they serve.

  • Climate change mitigation

Regarding climate change mitigation, we segment our portfolio depending on the enterprises’ GHG emissions. When requesting funding, applicants must include measures and targets to reduce GHG emissions. At the end of the funding period, it is assessed whether these targets were achieved or not.

  • Tracking progress

We track progress towards making our programmes climate-smart. For example, we measure how much funding is committed to activities to reduce GHGs, increase resilience of communities to climate change and the number of individuals becoming more resilient to climate change in relation to the total number of beneficiaries.