Key results - Aqua for All

Facilitating clean water and improved sanitation for all

Aqua for all

Our impact

For almost two decades, Aqua for All has been a driver behind an inclusive water and sanitation economy. We enable innovative ideas and solutions to unlock their potential in order to become sustainable and scalable businesses 

We catalyse private and public capital to support the growth and consolidation of viable business solutions and small and medium enterprises.

Innovation, sustainability, and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do.  

Since 2002, these are our aggregated key results:

More than 5.64 million low-income people got access to safe water, sanitation and/or IWRM

*Integrated Water Resources Management 

€140 million in funds managed. Our funds were primarily spent in Africa (65%) and Asia (34%)

Operations in 65 countries, mainly in Africa and Asia

More than 200 organisations supported

Contribution to innovation and business development

  • 33 innovations reached the stage of market introduction
  • 22 innovations scaled up
  • 16 innovations have women in key positions


Contribution to climate change adaptation and mitigation

  • 25 innovations work towards climate adaptation
  • 32 innovations work on climate mitigation 

Aqua for All and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Clean Water and Sanitation

Facilitating access to water and sanitation for all (SDG 6) is the focus of our 5-year plan “Making Water Count”.


Developing an inclusive and sustainable water and sanitation economy positively impacts the achievement of other SDGs

Gender Equality

Our initatives emphasize SDG 5.5  to ensure women’s full and effective participation, and equal opportunity for leadership positions at all levels of decision making.


Our initiatives encourage and promote women in managerial positions.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Aqua for All works on SDG 8.3 by supporting initiatives that promote entrepreneurship, job creation, productivity and innovation.


We support the growth of SMEs by enabling access to capital.

Partnerships for the Goals

SDG 17.3, 17.7 and 17.17 are embedded in Aqua for All’s work through the mobilisation of financial resources, promotion of sustainable technologies, and the encouragement of effective partnerships. 

Our initiatives

Here you can find a selection of our current and past initiatives.