About us

Aqua for All facilitates sustainable access to water and sanitation by supporting innovations and scalable solutions. We connect relevant stakeholders, work in strong partnerships and provide required funding.

We believe that change is needed to reach Sustainable Development Goal 6; the current service and finance gap in the water & sanitation sector must be addressed. We need innovations with a business-wise approach to tap into new sources of finance, and create a water & sanitation economy that can thrive.


Aqua for All uses grant money to mobilise public and private capital to increase investments in three themes: Water, Sanitation  and  Integrated Water Resources Management. We  support innovations, solidify business cases, and remove barriers for funding.  We connect relevant stakeholders such as: Businesses, financiers, governments, knowledge institutes and civil society organisations.


We aim to improve access to safe water & sanitation services for at least 4 million people across 4 regions. Our new programme ‘Making Water Count’ concentrates on 3 themes: Drinking Water, Sanitation and Water management and targets both urban and rural areas in 4 regions (see map below). Check out our new brochure