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We drive innovation, sustainability and inclusion in the water and sanitation economy

Aqua for All

Making Water Count

Aqua for All is a foundation working towards facilitating access to clean water and good sanitation for all (SDG 6).

​We strive to create an innovative, sustainable and inclusive water and sanitation economy worldwide.  

Innovations, scalable solutions and capital are instrumental to bridge the current service delivery and financial gaps in the water and sanitation economyAqua for All fills these gaps by supporting innovations and enabling business solutions to become viable. We realise this by mobilising public and private capital.

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Realising safe water and sanitation for all requires transforming the sector. Watch our latest video explaining our work in a nutshell:

Added value

We drive sustainability, innovation and inclusion in the water and sanitation economy.

Our impact

We have facilitated access to clean water, proper sanitation and IWRM for more than 13.7 million people in 65 countries.

Where we operate

We work in rural and urban areas in West and East Africa, the Horn of Africa, and South Asia.

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Any questions?

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Here you can find some frequently asked questions regarding Aqua for All and our work.

On our website you can find more information about what we do, where we operate, and our strategy, as well as some of our past and current initiatives .

You can also find out how to get involved as a partner looking to invest in SMEs and business solutions or as an innovator looking for support.

If you have any additional questions or want to give feedback, send us a message to: info@aquaforall.org.

Is Aqua for All a donor organisation?

No, Aqua for All does not provide grants. We strive to develop a sustainable water and sanitation economy, that fosters inclusion and innovation.

We therefore enable innovative ideas and solutions to scale up and become viable businesses, eligible for funding.

For this purpose, we play different roles, ranging from coaching up to financing.

How is Aqua for All financed?

Aqua for All receives funding primarily from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

We also get additional income through partnerships and services for social enterprises and funds.

How does Aqua for All select its countries of operation?

We work in countries where we can make a difference because of our significant expertise and our strong networks with local organisations.

We currently work in the focus countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

See where we operate here.

Can I volunteer for Aqua for All?

Aqua for All does not implement initiatives or run businesses where you can volunteer.

We also do not facilitate volunteering in the areas where we operate.

How can I be kept posted on Aqua for All’s work?

To stay informed you can visit the Aqua for All website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter.

How can I become an Aqua for All subject-matter expert?

If you are interested in making your expertise and experience available for developing innovative businesses in the water and sanitation economy, please contact us: info@aquaforall.org

What is the VIA Water programme?

The VIA Water programme was established in 2014 as an incubation programme for water and sanitation innovations. In 2019, the VIA Water programme was fully integrated into Aqua for All to boost synergy between our new strategy and this programme. The lessons learned and the experience from Phase 1 of the VIA Water programme are valuable contributions for developing a more sustainable, innovative and inclusive water and sanitation sector in Africa