SaniFish - Aqua for All

Utilisation of wastewater to improve sanitation and food fish production


The concept

SaniFish is a programme of TriMark Aquaculture Center. It aimed at using fish production revenue to cover operations and maintenance costs of wastewater treatment in Kusami, Ghana.




Circular economy, Sanitation economy


2017 - 2019

Total value:


Investors so far:

VIA Water, Trimark

Program Partners:

Trimark Aquaculture Centre, Aqua for All, International Water Management Institute, Kumasi MA, Waste Enterprises Ltd.


Using fish production revenues to improve sanitation

Wastewater treatment facilities in Kumasi, Ghana, have a chronic shortage of funds. Less than than 10% of the wastewater treatment plants are operational. As a result, they cannot service the urban population.

To address this issue, TriMark Aquaculture Centre piloted this project to improve urban sanitation. Fish production is incorporated into community wastewater treatment plant systems by using fish production revenue to cover the plants’ operational and maintenance costs.

This innovative approach addressed two problems: wastewater treatment plants’ shortage of funds, and the disposal of untreated wastewater into the environment.

Key outcomes

Funds for treating wastewater

Fish harvesting, depuration, smoking and marketing had €1,450 in revenue during the pilot.

Recovering treatment plants

The treatment plant at wastewater ponds near KNUST University in Kumasi, Ghana, improved its performance. Before the pilot, the treatment plant was unmaintained and abandoned.

Better sanitation and water quality

The population of Chirapatre Estate improved their sanitary conditions.  Due to a better wastewater effluent, downstream households and farmers gained access to better water quality.