Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage - Aqua for All

More families will get access to clean drinking water through household filters


The concept

The Household Water Treatment & Safe Storage (HWTS) initiative wants to increase access to clean drinking water by using household water filters.   




Household water treatment and safe storage, Safe water at point of use


2016 - 2020

Total value:


Investors so far:

Aqua for All, Antenna, SDC

Program Partners:

Amhara Region Water Utilities, Ethiopia

About the initiative

Providing clean water at the point of use – for example, in households – is the best way to ensure access to clean water. Household filters can make a real difference among underserved population. Household water filters have a huge potential for penetrating local markets.

The HWTS pilot offers people without access to clean water the opportunity to buy household filters.

The utility staff in Finote Selam, Ethiopia, is implementing this pilot. The aim is to increase the sustained use of household filters by at least 25% of  Finote Selam’s population.  

Key outcomes

Health benefits

Reduced waterborne diseases like diarrhea. They cause 2.2 million deaths in Ethiopia every year.

Market outreach

3,850 household water filters sold


19,250 people has gained access to safe water at home.