SIINC for ATEC* Cambodia - Aqua for All

SIINC for ATEC* Cambodia

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Project summary

ATEC* is a social enterprise providing biodigesters to smallholder farmers in Cambodia, and more recently in Bangladesh. Their standalone biodigester collects waste and transforms it into biogas for cooking.

Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) model aims to spur both financial and impact additionality. SIINC will support ATEC* in becoming more commercially attractive by providing an additional revenue stream while creating more impact. The following three metrics will be assessed:

– Percentage of households switching from cooking with wood fuels to biogas;
– Customers’ satisfaction measured via the Net Promoter Score;
– Percentage of households with ATEC* toilet connections.

The metrics are incentivising:

– The depth of impact — by focusing on the poorest customers, who still tend to rely on wood fuels for cooking and energy purposes;
– The quality of impact — by focusing on customer satisfaction, ensuring the best possible service is provided;
– Strengthened sanitation connection — by consolidating the link to human and not only animal and bio waste.

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