Boya Water Project - Aqua for All

Boya Water Project

Scale Response Facility - Drinking water

Project summary

Boya Water Project

The Boya Water Project provides drinking water through kiosk sales as well as household connections to private House Holds and institutions such as schools. Supply is measured and customers are billed on a monthly basis. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, bills were handwritten and physically delivered by staff to nearly 1000 customers, the majority of whom made payments at the office. With the onset of the pandemic, bills started to be estimated based on previous consumption averages and dispatched by bulk SMS. Mobile money transfer was introduced too, to minimise interaction with the public.

The proposed activities are tailored at maintaining and expanding their services, very much in line with the scope of the Response Facility. The support is based on a contribution from Boya Water to cater for urgent repairs and conditional to the confirmation of a loan from Sidian Bank’s Loan Facility to construct an additional water tank.

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