JOELEX, Accessible, Water, Sanitation & Showering for All - Aqua for All

JOELEX, Accessible, Water, Sanitation & Showering for All

Innovate - Water and Sanitation

Project summary

Through a pay per user model, JOELEX makes water,sanitation&howering accessible& affordable for the urban poor in Kampala,Uganda by designing and building Smart-enabled, fully automated, modular, real-time monitored public water,sanitation and showering facilities within urban slums,trading centers and cities.

With operations spaning for the last 3 years, JOELEX has served over 189,500 people i.e girls,women.children &the youth& has now designed a franchise operational model,that it’s going to use to reach 2-4.5 million people with water,sanitation&showering services in the next 2-5 years.

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