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Project summary

Dot Box Concept PvT. Ltd.

The Lootel (Loo of a hotel) is an IOT based toilet concept. It provides high-quality toilet services with a Pay, Use, and Redeem concept: users need to pay for toilet usage and can redeem toilet coupons at a Lootel café for food and beverages bills.

Lootels centres were closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 restrictions set by the government. After a slow reopening period towards the end of 2020, a second wave of lockdowns in April 2021 has led to their closure again. With the closure of the outlets, cash income had stopped and consequently payment activities such as salary, rent, supplier payment, and other utility payments could not be carried out. The company was therefore facing a negative cash flow, again, while not having fully recovered from the first wave.

Funding from Aqua for All’s Response Facility was used to keep the organisation afloat, pay salaries and rent.

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