Bulk water supply in coastal Kenya - Aqua for All

Bulk water supply in coastal Kenya

Scale Response Facility - Drinking water

Project summary

Dutch Water Limited is water company in the coastal area of Kenya, known for it’s high quality drinking water that is supplied to schools, hotels but also bottled and sold at kiosks. During the Covid-19 pandemic, DWL faced revenue challenges as end-users opted for cheaper, non-purified water.

As bottled water generally is challenging for low-income communities due to an excise duty tax on bottled water in Kenya, DWL decided to explore possibilities for supply of bulk water to so-called “black tanks”. These are simple water storage tanks with a tap where customers can refill their containers, set up in many neighbourhoods in Mombasa and filled by water bowsers with water from the Mombasa Water Supply and Sanitation Company (MOWASCO). DWL provides an alternative supply of high quality water, at a similar price and with steady supply promises. To understand water quality implications through the black tanks, water is regularly tested.

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