Introducing rent-to-own payment options for water filters - Aqua for All

Introducing rent-to-own payment options for water filters

Scale Response Facility - Drinking water

Project summary

Aqua Clara Kenya

Aqua Clara Kenya (ACK) is a social enterprise that designs and distributes effective and affordable water filters as well as handwashing stations for BoP. Basic Water Needs (BWN), based in the Netherlands, is developing, producing, and distributing water purification and conservation products. Between January and April 2019, ACK and BWN partnered to pilot the sale of water filters through sales agents.

Consequently, the WASHiriki approach was developed where community WASH promoters (CWP) recruit community members into groups. Through these groups, community members receive training on WASH leading, both in behavioural change and the purchase of water filters.

Rolled out in 2019, the filter sales conversion rate through WASHiriki is typically 30%.The next phase of this strategy is to introduce the option of payment in instalments, which can increase the sales conversion rate to at least 50% per group. In the last stage of development, WASHiriki club members are projected to create demand in non-members, or what we call secondary sales.

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