SIINC complemented Technical Assistance Support for aQysta - Aqua for All

SIINC complemented Technical Assistance Support for aQysta

Scale - Finance for WASH

Project summary

aQysta is a high-tech social enterprise providing sustainable hydro-powered pumping solutions, which are operating entirely by the energy present in flowing water and thus do not require fuel or electricity. aQysta’s pumps have been implemented in over 24 countries globally, providing sustainable irrigation technologies worldwide.

This Technical Assistance support takes place in addition to aQysta’s Social Impact Incentive for WASH project, which aims to boost aQysta’s social and financial impact in Malawi and Nepal by strengthening their pay-after-harvest model and after-sales service support to smallholder farmers.

This 24 month TA intervention will support the enterprise to improve their agricultural after-sales support model for farmers by developing market linkages and promoting exports that will lead to higher yields and higher revenues. At the same time, the TA will focus on further digitalizing farm management through the implementation of the ERP system, improving farming practices maximizing harvest and produce quality.

This TA support will amplify aQysta’s efforts to reach the highest impact during the SIINC intervention.

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