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Social Impact Incentives Model for WASH

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Project summary

Most enterprises with innovative WASH solutions are early stage, have small market shares and are active in high-risk regions. Moreover, they mostly operate on low margins or with long working capital cycles, and as such, tend to have long payback periods. These are some of the reasons why commercial capital is often reluctant to invest in impact enterprises within the WASH sector.

In collaboration with the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and Aqua for All, Roots of Impact has developed Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) – an innovative, results-based financing instrument that provides impact enterprises with time-limited payments based on the positive impact they create. SIINC allows enterprises to move beyond trade-offs, scaling both in terms of impact and profitability. As such, SIINC effectively leverages public and philanthropic funding to catalyse private investments.

The program aims to evaluate, structure and implement SIINC transactions focused on WASH innovations. This also includes the development and testing of outcome/impact measuring and verification systems that trigger payments once previously agreed social outcomes in beneficiary target groups are achieved

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