PME PERFORMANTES WASH - Pre-scale by ForthInvestment - Aqua for All

PME PERFORMANTES WASH - Pre-scale by ForthInvestment

Scale - Drinking Water / Sanitation

Project summary

This is the second phase of the PME Performantes WASH programme, the acceleration programme implemented by ForthInvestment in Burkina Faso.

In this follow-up programme, the focus lies on the main challenge for entrepreneurs: access to finance. Phase 2 will dive deep into the business plans of 10 SMEs to get a detailed picture of their creditworthiness, their investment needs and their individual possibilities for receiving blended financing (balancing grants and loans). The result of this phase will be 10 investment dossiers, that will indicate the SME’s specific financing needs and will present the suggested financing mix to support the enterprises’ scaling path in Phase 3

Burkina Faso
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