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The Naivasha Ushirika Water Project

Scale Response Facility - Drinking water

Project summary

The Naivasha Ushirika Water Project is a community-based organisation providing water to 20,000 inhabitants of Naivasha. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of their customers faced difficulties paying water bills and, as a result, Ushirika ran into negative cash flow. Looking at their operational expenses, they decided to invest in replacing the current grid energy supply with solar energy, which will significantly reduce costs in the long run.

To finance the upgrades, Ushirika approached Family Bank but, being a CBO, they were not considered eligible for the needed loan. Aqua for All is, therefore, providing a guarantee on the loan to Family Bank and encouraging Ushirika to start using ERP systems in order to improve operational efficiency and obtain overviews on their financial performance for Family Bank.

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