Ms Leandra Roller - Aqua for All

Ms Leandra Roller

Leandra is Programme Officer at Aqua for All.  

 In a previous position with BORDA in Zambia and Tanzania, she worked on monitoring the performance of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. There, she experienced the importance that sound business models and operational set-ups have, besides a good design, for the long-term provision of adequate sanitation services. 

She deepened her knowledge through a Master’s programme in Integrated Water Resources Management at the Technical University of Cologne, Germany. During this programme, she was inspired by the power of international cooperation and different ways in which water management can reduce vulnerability to droughts and other impacts of climate change. In her Master’s thesis at Eawag, a Swiss aquatic research institute, she further specialised in urban sanitation planning. 

 As a Programme Officer, Leandra’s portfolio is mostly oriented on supporting and developing innovative water and sanitation businesses and stimulating entrepreneurship in East-Africa, focusing specifically on Kenya, but also in Uganda and Rwanda.