Oikocredit Partnership Activities - Aqua for All

Oikocredit Partnership Activities

Activities that support the partnership with Oikocredit

Project summary

o Aqua for All to provide WASH training for the front office staff of Oikocredit in West Africa (Senegal) and East Africa (Uganda) composed of a training module and field visits to potential clients.

o Communications

– Joint or separate communications on this partnership and any related transactions and deals resulting from this partnership.

– Collaboration to promote the partnership and financing of WASH externally and internally (OI, regions, SA’s, Aqua for All’s stakeholders and funders).

o Events – webinars, conferences, etc. – on WASH in African and/or Asian countries: 2-3 during the partnership and focused on countries that Aqua for All works in (i.e. Senegal, Kenya, Cambodia). Examples of potential external events: (SIWI, European Microfinance Platform, GIIN)

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