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SIINC for KWSH Cambodia

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Project summary

Khmer Water Supply Holding (KWSH) is a Cambodia-based enterprise, which provides access to safe and reliable on-premises piped water in (semi) rural areas.

In Cambodia, piped water supply is concentrated in the hands of ca. 400 largely inefficient private water operators (PWOs). KWSH’s model is focused on buying and upgrading the water stations — including by expanding the pipeline coverage area. They aim to reach 70-80% of households within the license area, in contrast with the current average of 30%. By doing so, KWSH provides households with access to safe piped water, which they would otherwise not have.

Harder to reach, sparsely populated and often lower-income households and areas are, however, still often left behind, because of high investment costs. SIINC aims to support the enterprise in scaling, without having to compromise on the impact they create. Two metrics are co-defined together with the enterprise and include increasing the number of households connected to piped water and the additionality level of new license areas.

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