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Sanima COVID-19 Emergency Response Peru

Scale Response Facility - Sanitation

Project summary

Sanima (formerly x-runner) is a container-based sanitation provider for low-income households in Lima, Peru. Since the COVID-19 pandemic reached Peru, the enterprise has been experiencing the negative consequences of travel restrictions, whereas their customers were no longer able to pay for the services.

Nevertheless, Sanima managed to stay afloat and offer their off-grid sanitation services to more than 3500 people in 2020. Moreover, they retained 88% of their original customers, despite economic hardship and mass migration out of Lima. To guarantee access to sanitation services, they launched a COVID-assistance package which included discounts for families paying on time and flexible payment deadlines. However, this meant extra expenses and reduced income during 2020 and 2021. Further, additional costs were made on extra PPEs, adapting infrastructure for face-to-face interactions, private transportation of the team to the service area, and comprehensive health insurance plans.

Response Facility funding is used to cover some of these additional costs.

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