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Project summary

Mina Guli and her team at Thirst Foundation are planning to launch a worldwide Water Campaign to remind the global community of the importance of water. The campaign raises awareness of the global water crisis in all UN member states, running 195 marathons in 195 countries (signatories to SDGs), leading up to the 2023 UN Water Decade Conference. The goal of the Campaign is to create a global movement and think together on how to solve the global water crisis.

Aqua for All concluded that such a worldwide campaign is needed: crucial to get more attention and motivate investors and other commercial funders to get involved in the water sector. Moreover, it is an inspiring initiative to liaise with. It has worldwide coverage and interesting collaborators such as the six founding partners and donors, SDC and RVO/DGIS’ Valuing Water Initiative including — connection is already made and agreed to align and pull together in this collaboration.

We provided a bridging grant of €49.000 based on the requested budget to overcome the current funding gap. We financed part of the team needed to make necessary preparations for the launch of the Water Campaign (in August 2021), e.g. writing and preparing proposal documents, strategic support, designing the social media materials, aligning with partners, etc.

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