Hygienic and comfortable public toilet experience at bazaars - Aqua for All

Hygienic and comfortable public toilet experience at bazaars

Innovate - Sanitation

Project summary

Bhumijo aims at helping the bazaar community by providing well designed and well maintained smart and clean toilets. Bhumijo offers a dignified, smart and convenient experience to the daily lives of the bazaar community and shoppers which existing toilets are unable to provide. Bhumijo model’s operational excellence, combined with a focus on profitability, ensures that the urban poor will continue to receive safe sustainable sanitation services without disruption.

With Aqua for All support, Bhumijo will expand its operations with eight more facilities in which they will pilot their business model, exploring which additional services (e.g. laundry, showers, tea stall) are most viable. Aqua for All’s funding will also allow Bhumijo to get professional business development support. That will make them better equipped to closely monitor the financials of each facility.

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