ASE INFRA - Impact Investment Facility - Aqua for All

ASE INFRA - Impact Investment Facility

Investing in Sanitation Economy Infrastructure

Project summary

ASE INFRA is an infrastructure investment vehicle with focus on asset financing, they have set up a local fully owned subsidiary in India ‘SANIFRA’ Partners which purchases sanitation assets from SMEs. The impact objective of ASE INFRA is to increase access to safely managed and sustainable sanitation services for people in low-income countries. ASE INFRA requested A4A to support with funding in the pilot phase (POC) for €45k. This would allow Aqua for All to act as knowledge partner to support the development of the model and attract private investors that co-finance the purchase of assets in the POC phase. Assets that will be purchased during POC are: 8 public toilets from two enterprises (Sara Plast and ERAM), 1 sewage truck (Sara Plast) and 1 Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP).

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