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Strengthen Swiss Fresh Water’s investment readiness and sustainability

SCALE - Drinking Water

Project summary

Swiss Fresh Water is an established safe water enterprise which, through its Senegalese subsidiary West Africa Water, operates a franchise model aimed at providing access to safe and affordable drinking water in peri-urban and urban Senegal.

In recent years, the enterprise has grown its franchise network and built its brand Diam’O, while making progress in operations, customer loyalty and ensuring water quality. However, at this stage, the company still needs some support to strengthen its capacity, boost its water sales to achieve financial sustainability and develop a strategy for further scaling.

Through this partnership, Aqua for All is supporting the enterprise to open new water salespoints (satellite stores) and continue to roll out its water delivery service, which will enable it to reach more people while increasing the company’s viability, making them better placed for an investment.

In addition, an environmental pilot project will be carried out at one kiosk to improve its environmental performance and reduce its carbon footprint, as a blueprint for further expansion. Climate impact is foreseen through the installation of renewable energy solutions (solar panels and e-bikes for delivery) and the reduction of water wastage by reusing this for car washing.

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