Below, you'll find a selection from the many projects and programs we've recently supported. These examples demonstrate what Aqua for All's services mean in practice. And more importantly: how a diversity of partners who join forces – combining their knowledge, technology, networks and/or money – can truly make a difference in fighting poverty.

  • Kenya RAPID

    Kenya RAPID is a unique partnership between local governments in Kenya, civil society and the private sector. It focusses on …

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  • SMART Centres

    There are considerable challenges in reaching ‘the last mile’ in universal access to sustainable water and sanitation (SDG6) and in improving functionality and affordability of rural and peri-urban water supply systems. The SMART Centre approach addresses ….

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  • Justdiggit, regreening the planet

    The ‘Hydrologic Corridor’ is a unique concept in which multiple large scale areas are re-greened through small scale rainwater harvesting solutions, reforestation and climate resilient agriculture.

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