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Since 2002, Aqua for All has financed the water and sanitation economy to make it more inclusive, sustainable and innovative.

Below, you will find a selection from the many initiatives we have recently supported in Africa and Asia.


You can find more initiatives on the website of VIA Water which is now part of Aqua for All.


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Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Sanitation economy

FINISH Mondial

Established in 2009, the FINISH Mondial programme combines raising awareness and generating demand for (improved) sanitation services, for which communities are willing to pay.
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Circular economy, Sanitation economy


SaniFish is a programme of TriMark Aquaculture Center. It aimed at using fish production revenue to cover operations...
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Household water treatment and safe storage, Safe water at point of use

Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage

The Household Water Treatment & Safe Storage (HWTS) initiative wants to increase access to clean drinking water by...
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Drinking water, Water resources management

NOEVA: HydroGeophysics in Benin’s coastal zone

The NOEVA project aimed at gathering improved knowledge of groundwater resources for coastal cities in Benin. This leads...
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Sanitation economy, Toilet economy


Sanivation is a social enterprise in Kenya which has developed a sanitation value chain concept using self-contained toilets...
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Circular economy, Sanitation economy

From Pit to Product

From Pit to Product transforms faecal sludge into charcoal briquettes for the local market in Kenya.
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Drinking water

Maji Milele

Aqua for All collaborated with Maji Milele, a prepaid water meter provider, to develop and open up the...
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Recharge retention and reuse (3R), Water resources management

Igunga Ecovillage

The Igunga Ecovillage works to increase the resilience to climate change of vulnerable farming communities in Tanzania
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Ethiopia, India
Circular economy, Drinking water, Sanitation economy

Carbon credits: A catalytic instrument for increasing investments in water and sanitation

This project aimed at selling carbon credits to companies and individuals on the voluntary carbon market to support...
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