Everyone in the world should have structural access to clean water and good sanitation.

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Challenges in wastewater management

In cooperation with NWP, World Waternet, the Topsector Water and Waste we made a film which sheds a light on challenges in wastewater management in different countries. The film shows examples of how Dutch expertise has supported with approaches and specific solutions. We invite you to enjoy and share this video.

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  • Safi Sana winner of ‘Doing Business in Africa’ Award

    November 30, 2017

    We are very proud of our partner Safi Sana for winning  the ‘Doing Business in Africa’ Award! According tot he NABC Report: ‘The Ghana-based company is unique in the sense that they are the first to launch a complete circular industry: converting human waste into electrical power, clean water for irrigation and organic fertilizer. Not only do they create commercial profit from waste,…

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  • Safi Sana longlisted for ‘Doing Business in Africa’ Award!

    November 9, 2017

    Safi Sana has been longlisted for the Netherlands-Africa Business Council ‘Doing Business in Africa’ Award, a competition that looks to promote innovative, sustainable and profitable enterprises. They create sustainable opportunities in developing countries through business driven, replicable programs that combine sanitation, waste management, energy & agriculture. As partner of Safi Sana we are very proud…

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  • The amount of people at the Base of the (global wealth) Pyramid (BoP) whose lives we have helped improve.

  • The total amount of project and program money we have managed for funds and (government) grant programs.

  • The amount of companies we have worked with over the years, as (co-)financing partners or otherwise.

  • Track record

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