Everyone in the world should have structural access to clean water and good sanitation.

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The untapped potential of decentralised safe drinking water enterprises

Report on the current state of the SWE market

Safe Water Enterprises (SWEs) provide a modular, decentralized approach to delivering safely treated drinking water in the developing world. In January 2017 a report was completed by Dalberg Global Development Advisors on the current state of the SWE market. This report analyzed 14 SWEs that serve a total of 3 million people and also undertook a global market assessment. Key findings include the potential to serve billions of people and the challenges, which are clearly identified in the study, to be overcome if this potential is to be realized.

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  • Aqua for All’s approaches and results on private sector strengthening for sustainable WASH

    August 29, 2017

    On the 25th and 26th of August Aqua for All presented the results of her work in Ethiopia during the ‘Regional WASH Advocacy and Learning Forum’ in Bahir Dar, which was organized by CARE, one of Aqua for All’s partners in the Millennium WASH Alliance (MWA).  This presentation showcases  examples of private sector development and public…

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  • Utility-led service model for Safe Water at point of use

    August 24, 2017

    Lessons learned from an Aqua for All pilot in Ethiopia – August 2017: Preliminary pilot results are promising  In Ethiopia, while we observe significant effort and resources being invested to increase access to drinking water, many local governments struggle to tackle those last few meters and ensure safe water at the point of use. Government officials…

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  • 30/10/2017 - 03/11/2017
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  • The amount of people at the Base of the (global wealth) Pyramid (BoP) whose lives we have helped improve.

  • The total amount of project and program money we have managed for funds and (government) grant programs.

  • The amount of companies we have worked with over the years, as (co-)financing partners or otherwise.

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