Everyone in the world should have structural access to clean water and good sanitation. But citizens at the Base of the Pyramid often don’t. Through a wide range of services, Aqua for All strengthens ideas and initiatives that aim to provide them with that access. Supporting this common goal with a variety of partners, we ensure a better future for millions of people.

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Sanergy & the impact of winning the Sarphati Sanitation Award in 2013  

October 1, 2015

In the run-up to the second biennial Sarphati Sanitation Award this November, Aqua for All recently interviewed co-founder David Auerbach in Nairobi, Kenya, to hear more about the impact the Sarphati Award had on Sanergy: ‘Did winning Sarphati Sanitation Award actually impact your business?  “Absolutely!” attests Sanergy, the sanitation initative which won the award two…

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Aqua for All’s National TV coverage this Sunday  

October 1, 2015

Managing Director Mr. Sjef Ernes will appear on Dutch National TV in the program for Dutch Entrepreneurs next Sunday, the 4th of October at 09:55 on RTL7! The program is called Ondernemend Nederland (‘enterprising’ Netherlands), a business program that covers all types of industrious and entrepreneurial initiatives around the country – everything from the ‘one-man’ business…

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  • ‘We have both the objective and the means to help the world’s poorest people escape their degrading living conditions – in particular their lack of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). What we don’t have, though, is the knowledge, contacts, network and skills to reach our goal. That’s where Aqua for All comes in.’
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    This publication on Smart 3R Solutions (Recharge, Retention and Reuse) focuses on the functions of land and water buffers as part of integrated basin management and climate change adaptation.Download and read this publication for free.

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  • waterhandel Kenya

    Fighting drought issues

    The KALDRR-WASH program : How do you reduce water-borne illnesses, develop community partnerships and promote integrated water resource management in rural areas impacted by drought and climate change?

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  • projects-Ghana-solving-waste-problems-2008 Ghana

    Solving waste problems

    The social venture Safi Sana : How do you collect toilet and organic waste from slums, diminishing the city’s waste problems and using this waste to produce and sell affordable organic fertilizer and green electricity?

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  • projects-Tanzania-SHIPO-staff-Developing-businesses Tanzania

    Developing business

    NGO SHIPO’s business development program : How do you set up 800 sanitation systems, 800 hygiene facilities and 180 wells, guaranteeing they are kept in condition and reaching 16.000 people – all in two years time?

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  • The amount of people at the Base of the (global wealth) Pyramid (BoP) whose lives we have helped improve.

  • The amount of countries where we have contributed to providing the BoP with clean water and good sanitation.

  • The total amount of project and program money we have managed for funds and (government) grant programs.

  • The amount of companies we have worked with over the years, as (co-)financing partners or otherwise.

Our campaigns

Walking for water

Don't be surprised if, around World Water Day (March 22), you suddenly see large groups of Dutch school children walking down the streets carrying big bottles of water in their blue backpacks. They are participating in annual national campaign, Wandelen voor Water ('Walking for Water'), to raise funds for WASH projects in developing countries.

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Football for Water

The Football for Water campaign is especially active during highly visible football events, such as matches of the Dutch national team in the Netherlands. All partners, including Aqua for All, urge their socially engaged and football minded stakeholders to make a donation for special 'Sport & WASH projects' in developing countries.

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Our Partnerships

VIA Water

VIA Water brings together international policy makers, knowledge institutions, companies and NGO’s. The organization’s objective: to let them develop sustainable, innovative solutions for water problems facing cities in seven African countries. Always in co-creation with local organizations. If needed, VIA Water will provide some (financial) support. Aqua for All is the manager for VIA Water’s funds.

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PPP Small

With financial support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a variety of other parties, Aqua for All mans one of the few Dutch support counters for small Public Private Partnerships; those 'PPP's' whose WASH activities cost less than a million euros. Through smart financial injections and knowledge sharing, Aqua for All helps create, develop, test and scale up innovative, sustainable solutions for water and sanitation challenges.

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Partners & Partnerships

Sarphati_400pxVisit this year’s second edition of the Sarphati Sanitation Award during the International Water Week.
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