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Swiss Fresh Water: Celebrating Milestones in Water Innovation and Accessibility

Published: 6th February 2024

Swiss Fresh Water (SFW) is an established safe water enterprise that is operating a franchise model in Senegal. As their initiative fits well in our West Africa strategy, we decided to support them in improving operations, increasing water sales, and growing revenue by improved distribution, mainly through scaling their relay kiosks (satellite sites) model and delivery services.

Water kiosk in Santessou

The Swiss Fresh Water relay-kiosk initiative is an innovative project aimed at strategically situating relay kiosks or satellite distribution stores across Senegal, to bring drinking water closer to customers. By placing these kiosks strategically, the project aims to enhance accessibility to clean drinking water, thus stimulating water sales and ensuring a reliable supply for customers throughout the region. Aqua for All is at the forefront of supporting this initiative, along with other financiers.

As of now, 13 out of the 20 planned relay-kiosk sites have been successfully set up. Looking ahead, the project is gearing up for a climate pilot in 2024, demonstrating its commitment to adapting and innovating in the face of environmental challenges. The project will also implement a novel approach by repurposing wastewater from the water treatment units (RO) for alternative usage such as car washing, thereby promoting environmental sustainability while simultaneously boosting income for franchisees.

Swiss Fresh Water SA envisions significant growth and impact by the end of 2027, including:

– Presence in at least 3 different African countries.

– Deployment of 500 kiosks, producing more than 1 million litres per day.

– Creation of over 3,500 inclusive jobs.

– Sale of 300 million litres of safe water during 2027.

Water kiosk in Bambilor

Swiss Fresh Water SA’s initiative tackles pressing challenges in Senegal, such as limited access to tap water, intermittent water cuts, and concerns about water quality. The project not only aims to enhance water security and quality but also addresses social and environmental issues, like job creation and reducing single-use plastic.

The water treatment machines, known as “BW-Delta,” stand out for their compact design, durability, and low energy consumption. These machines, developed and produced by Swiss Fresh Water, can treat various contaminated water sources, providing a sustainable solution to water-related challenges.

By promoting inclusive business models and sustainable practices, Aqua for All remains committed to creating a positive impact on communities, the environment, and the economy. The Swiss Fresh Water relay-kiosk project aligns with this vision, offering a scalable and replicable model for addressing water-related challenges in Senegal.

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