Below, you'll find a selection from the many projects and programs we've recently supported. These examples demonstrate what Aqua for All's services mean in practice. And more importantly: how a diversity of partners who join forces – combining their knowledge, technology, networks and/or money – can truly make a difference in fighting poverty.

  • Safi Sana

    Safi Sana was founded in 2010 as a social venture to improve sanitation and waste treatment and to create products that improve soil fertility and provide green energy. An initiative of Aqua for All, it is actually the first waste-to-energy project in Ghana. It took Managing Director Aart van den Beukel, two years to get…

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  • Made Blue – Contribute to safe drinking water: A litre for a litre!

    Good health, the chance to go to school and to find a job: it all starts with water.

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  • Transporting water

    The public water asset operator FIPAG was struggling to bring drinking water from the central reservoir in Chimoio to the community of Pilote. Thanks to the financial support provided by Water for Life and Aqua for All, FIPAG is now constructing a proper water transport system. Hundreds of local houses will get their own connection…

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  • Global sanitation

    Creating business opportunities The Global Sanitation Business Matchmaking (GSBM) is an initiativethat links investors to sanitation business opportunities and strengthens these partnerships. It is held alongside the BoP World Convention & Expo to bring full-scale sanitation services to the BoP market. The session is a joint initiative of Dutch and international organizations; among others Aqua…

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  • Prepaid water access

    Close to Nairobi, Kenya, three hand pumps are equipped with a special payment system developed by the company Susteq. The local population gains access to water with a digital wallet that makes use of radio frequency identification. Charging of the digital wallet takes place at a nearby kiosk. Money collected at the kiosk goes to…

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  • Improving water supply

    The 15.000 peasants living in the villages of Chi Tucuo Cheto Mozambique usually do have community hand pumps, but many are broken. The Water for Life project restores old pumps and constructs new ones. Most importantly, the local inhabitants receive training on WASH as well as operations and maintenance. This knowledge enables them to fix…

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