The Challenge Fund is open for applications! - Aqua for All

The Challenge Fund is open for applications!

Published: 11th July 2023

The Challenge Fund facilitates revenue-based loan financing for small-scale water providers in Kenya.  

The fund aims to improve the creditworthiness of small-scale water providers to attract loans for micro to medium infrastructure projects to expand and improve services. The loan size will range from KES 300,000 to KES 10 million. 

The Challenge Fund is a partnership between Aqua for All, Sidian Bank and Family Bank, and Smart People Africa  (SPA). It aims to support up to 150 small-scale water providers in Kenya and raise KES 330 million (€2.7 million). Besides a loan, selected enterprises could receive up to 20% in grant subsidy from Aqua for All based on pre-agreed results, and a technical assistance grant to develop their projects and loan applications.

For more information, please download the briefer of the Challenge Fund or the Call for proposals.