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Impact-Linked Finance Readiness Bootcamp

The Impact-Linked Finance Readiness Bootcamp is one of the technical assistance tracks available for impact-driven WASH enterprises, as part of the Impact-Linked Fund for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (ILF for WASH). The bootcamp aims to prepare selected WASH enterprises to receive Impact-Linked Finance and/or other investments, and strengthen the pipeline of potential candidates for receiving Impact-Linked Finance. The Impact-Linked Finance Readiness Bootcamp is provided by the Social Finance Academy, an initiative of Roots of Impact.

The Impact-Linked Finance Readiness Bootcamp is designed to support WASH enterprises to improve their current impact measurement and management (IMM) system and to build up sufficient baseline data to be able to track impact performance. We do this by enabling selected WASH enterprises to identify, analyse and address gaps in their current impact measurement practices, with the aim of advancing their systems to articulate and optimise their impact.


Key features

  • Target group: Impact-driven WASH enterprises in the ILF for WASH pipeline.
  • Duration: The bootcamp takes three months to complete.
  • Status: The 2024 bootcamp will start in March. Eligible enterprises will be selected based on a scorecard system covering an assessment of, among others, growth stage, and the availability and quality of impact data already tracked by the enterprise.


More on technical assistance

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