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Susamati: Nr 2 in the Climate Launchpad Challenge

Published: 10th December 2019

VIA Water partner Manuel Gungulo’s great success with start-up in Mozambique

We are happy to announce that one of VIA Water partners, Manuel Gungulo with the start-up Susamati,  became nr 2 in the Climate Launchpad Challenge in Mozambique! This is the start of follow-up events in Nairobi and the global grand final in Amsterdam on 14 & 15 November this year.

Just one cup to flush
Susamati is the spin off of a VIA Water innovation that focused on the use of Black Soldier Flies to reduce the sludge volume in latrine pits. In the sideline of the pilot, an affordable and very attractive toilet was developed, which is now produced by the enterprise Susamati. The toilet has a straight flush pipe (no pee trap) and requires just one cup of water to flush.

Cheap and economic in use
Apart from being cheap to buy (about € 11), the toilet is also very economic in its use, as there is hardly any water required. Also, the pit is not filling rapidly in case the Black Soldier Fly is applied. These two factors make it contribute to climate mitigation.

All over the world
And finally the design is very attractive as it provides comfort to sit and is available in any colour or design the client prefers. We wish that not only the inhabitants of Maputo can enjoy this toilet, but that it will spread like flies all over the world. Aqua for All is committed to make this innovation a success.

Join the Aqua Run on November 7, Amsterdam
More people can contribute to the success of Susamati! Sponsor contributions of the 5 km AquaRun on Thursday 7 November, 8 AM at the Amsterdam International Water Week, are for Susamati. Join the Aqua Run and give them a boost: for more info see