SIED Sarl boosts sanitation solutions by inaugurating a new SANI SHOP in Senegal - Aqua for All

SIED Sarl boosts sanitation solutions by inaugurating a new SANI SHOP in Senegal

Published: 30th November 2023

Aqua for All is delighted to announce a significant achievement of the SANI SHOP project in Senegal. On 11 November, the grand inauguration of the new public toilets, led by SIED Sarl, took place in Keur Massar, Dakar Greater Region. 

Since the project’s launch in early 2023, Aqua for All has played a pivotal role as a technical and financial partner in supporting SIED’s business expansion. Under the leadership of a young and motivated entrepreneur, Abdoulaye BA, SANI SHOP is successfully addressing the sanitation needs in peri-urban markets by providing affordable and separate sanitation facilities, including toilets, showers, and a dedicated menstrual hygiene room. 

The inauguration ceremony was attended by local authorities, residents of the commune, and a representative of Aqua for All. The event was covered on Senegalese television channel 3 SA TV and it marked a crucial step forward for the people of Keur Massar Nord, as the SANI SHOPs bring much-needed sanitation services, contributing to improved hygiene and public health in the commune. 

Aqua for All has been actively involved in the initiative, facilitating the growth of SIED’s business by expanding with three additional SANI SHOPs on the outskirts of Dakar. The project explores new horizons as SIED Sarl embarks on the further rollout of its social enterprise and has plans to include recruiting and training toilet managers, conducting construction works for toilet units with specific facilities, advertising and launching operations, and implementing automatic payment systems for better monitoring. 

Additionally, the enterprise aims to explore and test additional services like selling hygiene products, providing drinkable water through water ATMs, offering mobile-related services, and conducting feasibility studies on biogas or biofertilizer production for enhanced recycling and circularity.