Financing sustainable sanitation solutions in Kenya - Aqua for All

Financing sustainable sanitation solutions in Kenya

Published: 28th September 2020

Aqua for All has renewed its commitment to support Sanergy in the next phase of its business development. Aqua for All’s €200,000 grant will be used for exploring the viability of high-value products from black soldier fly larvae reared on faecal sludge to increase profitability and sustainability of their sanitation services.

In Kenya, it will take decades before country-wide sanitation and waste management coverage is achieved. In Nairobi, Sanergy provides sanitation and waste management solutions to more than 120,000 people living in non-sewered urban slums and businesses on a daily basis.

Sanergy works with a local partner to cover the entire sanitation value chain and to offer sustainable solutions to low-income households. Sanergy collects faecal sludge from container-based toilets franchised in non-sewered areas. It converts the waste into high-value end-products: organic fertiliser and biomass fuel briquettes. The waste is also used for producing black soldier fly larvae. The black soldier fly’s dried protein-rich larvae are used to enrich chicken food. Aqua for All’s funds will be used to get higher value products from these larvae.

‘Sanergy is aligned with Aqua for All’s mission to bridge the service gap by offering sustainable and inclusive sanitation services to low-income populations. By supporting Sanergy, Aqua for All contributes to developing local entrepreneurship and innovation in sanitation,” said Dick Bouman, Aqua for All’s Programme Manager.

Sanergy was the first winner of the Sarphati Award (2013) because of its circular economy model focusing on offering affordable sanitation services for low-income families.