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Aqua for All joins the Toilet Board Coalition

Published: 19th November 2021

The Toilet Board Coalition (TBC), a global business-led platform focused on accelerating the sanitation economy, welcomes Aqua for All, a not-for-profit organisation focused on bringing change in the water and sanitation economy through catalysing private and public investments, to its Steering Committee.

In response to this new onboarding, Greg Davies, Toilet Board Coalition Interim CEO, said: “We are delighted to have Aqua for All join the TBC Steering Committee, to bring additional focus on impact investment and blended finance throughout our membership. Since its inception, the TBC has focused on catalysing a robust business sector delivering sanitation to low-income markets, profitably and at scale, and changing lives. Ensuring access to capital for sanitation entrepreneurs is a key enabler for scale”.

Aqua for All believes that innovation, scalable solutions, and public and private capital are needed to bridge the service and financial gaps to achieve SDG 6 – Clean water and sanitation for all. For almost two decades, the organisation has worked in Africa and Asia towards creating an innovative, sustainable and inclusive water and sanitation economy worldwide.

Aqua for All uses its funds to mobilise private and public capital to increase investments in water and sanitation. It strategically utilizes grants to accelerate and support-to-scale market-based enterprises providing access to water and sanitation to low-income households and institutions.

The paths of Aqua for All and TBC have been closely intertwined for many years, through mutual interests, shared visions and common partners. The two organizations have partnered on Aqua for All’s Sarphati Sanitation Challenges and the Toilet Board Coalition is an endorser of Aqua for All’s Response Facility for Water and Sanitation Entrepreneurs. Aqua for All, as well as other active members in the TBC’s Investment Council over the last three years are strong supporters of the Toilet Board Coalition’s Accelerator programme. Over the last years, Aqua for All’s financing has helped sanitation SMEs catalyse their business model growth as well as sustain through the COVID crisis.

The Toilet Board Coalition happily welcomes the appointment of Josien Sluijs, Managing Director at Aqua for All, to the Steering Committee.

Our team has been working with TBC for numerous years already and I am very happy to be onboard the Steering Committee. At Aqua for All, we use grants to accelerate providing access to water and sanitation and we bridge the service and finance gap in the water and sanitation economy. This is why it is so appealing to me to be part of the TBC. Working with corporates and different types of stakeholders effectively contributes to transforming the water and sanitation sector, and I trust that I can make a meaningful contribution», said Josien Sluijs.


Aqua for All is a not-for-profit organisation. For almost two decades, Aqua for All has worked towards catalysing an innovative, sustainable and inclusive water and sanitation economy worldwide. Aqua for All operates in Africa and Asia supporting innovations and scaling up enterprises until they are investment ready without distorting the market. In addition, it uses its grants to mobilise private and public capital to increase investments in water and sanitation.

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Established in 2015 as a business-led partnership and platform, the TBC has the ambition to address the global sanitation crisis by accelerating the Sanitation Economy.

The TBC is enabling private sector engagement; connecting large and small companies; and ensuring close collaboration between private, public and non-profit sectors with the common goal to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6), universal access to sanitation.

The TBC runs the Toilet Accelerator, the world’s 1st accelerator programme dedicated to sanitation entrepreneurs in low-income markets.