Sarphati Sanitation Awards & Sarphati Symposium 2019

Currently, 2.4 billion people all over the globe lack basic sanitation services. Although Dr. Sarphati radically improved Amsterdam during the mid-19th century with sustainable sanitation solutions, we still face many challenges in regards to sanitation today. After almost 200 years, the spirit of Dr. Samuel Sarphati is still very much alive as nominations were received from 26 countries in 5 continents!


Meet the final nominees of the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Promising Entrepreneur!

Many of the nominations were unique, strong initiatives, making a real difference in the improving sanitation worldwide, but eventually a well-considered unanimous choice was made. The Jury decided to select Live Clean InitiativesTiger Toilet and X-runner as the final nominees for this year’s Award for Promising Entrepreneur:

Are you curious to find out who wins the Award? The Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2019 will be handed out during the opening ceremony of the Opening Ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) on November 4.

We proudly announce the winner of the Sarphati Sanitation Life Time Achievement Award 2019!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Mr. Jockin Arputham, the late co-founder and president of Slum Dwellers International (SDI) has won the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Life Time Achievement 2019.

Mr. Arputham fought for the rights of slum dwellers for over 40 years, going back to the early 1970s when he tried to stop the bulldozing of the settlement in which he lived. Out of frustration and necessity, Jockin linked with some of Mumbai’s poorest women, to stop evictions and improve the slums they were living in. That small group has grown into SDI – a global grassroots movement of the poorest of the poor. Today, SDI is present in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, upgrading slums and fighting evictions day in and day out, struggling to build more inclusive cities, economies, and political systems.

The personal commitment, endeavors and perseverance of Mr. Jockin Arputham are absolutely extra ordinary, according to the honorable Jury. This award is a tribute to his merits and achievements in field of the global sanitation challenge.

The Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2019 Jury & Nomination Committee

The Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2019 will be presented during the Opening Ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week on Monday 4 November in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. We herewith proudly announce the members of the Sarphati Sanitation Awards Jury 2019:

  • Mrs. Lidi Remmelzwaal is chair of the Supervisory Board of World Waternet. She had a long career in development cooperation and diplomacy and has been Netherlands Ambassador to Mozambique, Ghana, Ethiopia and Jordan. Mrs. Remmelzwaal graduated at Wageningen University and is Chairperson of the SSA Jury.
  • Carolien van der Voorden, Head of the Technical Support Unit of the Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC). She has contributed to numerous scientific research projects on sanitation and hygiene promotion, monitoring and software.
  • Dr Arno Rosemarin, Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), co-founded the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance in 2007 and is currently managing the SuSanA knowledge platform development project sponsored by the Gates Foundation.
  • Dr Claire Furlong, lecturer/researcher in non-sewered sanitation at the Environmental Engineering and Water Technology Department of IHE Delft in the Netherlands. She holds a PhD in environmental engineering for developing countries and has over 15 years’ experience in the WASH sector in low- and middle-income countries. IHE Delft has been actively involved in the development of Tiger Toilets. To avoid a conflict of interest she therefore withdrew her vote for the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Promising Entrepreneur.
  • Prof Dr Ir Sybe Schaap, former member of the Dutch Senate and former Chair of the Dutch Water Board Association and the Netherlands Water Partnership. He taught water policy and governance at the Technical University Delft and the Wageningen University for Agricultural Sciences.
  • Graham Alabaster, Chief of Sanitation and Waste Management at the Urban Basic Services Branch of UN-Habitat. He has over 25 years’ experience in the water, sanitation and solid waste management sector, working in over 30 countries.

All nominations were thoroughly assessed based on pre-set criteria by the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee presented a shortlist to the Jury. The esteemed Nomination Committee for the Sarphati Awards 2019 consisted of experts from the sector and previous Award Winners:

– Sjef Ernes (Chair of the Nomination Committee, Aqua for All),

– Steven van Rossum (World Waternet),

– David Auerbach (Sanergy),

– Sasha Kramer (SOIL),

– Aart van den Beukel (Safi Sana),

– Kamal Kar (CLTS Foundation),

– Abhijit Banerji (FINISH society),

– Cheryl Hicks (Toilet Board Coalition),

– Emily Rand (World Bank, Global Water Practices)

– Roshan Shrestha (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation),

– Valentin Post (WASTE),

– Arne Parnesar (SuSanA).

For more information about this year’s Sarphati Sanitation Awards and the first Sarphati Sanitation Symposium 2019, feel free to contact us via

Sarphati Sanitation Awards

The biennial Sarphati Sanitation Awards honor the outstanding contribution of individuals or organizations to the global sanitation and public health challenge through entrepreneurship.The Sarphati Award ceremony will be during Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW).

  • Monday 4 November 2019
  • 2 prize winners awarded during Opening Ceremony of the AIWW
  • RAI Amsterdam
  • Submissions are closed.
  • The next round for this Award will open in 2021.
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There are two categories:
1. Award for Promising Entrepreneur – focusing on groundbreaking entrepreneurial activities in sanitation
2. Award for Life Time Achievement, acknowledging individuals who have dedicated a large part of their life to influence decision makers, policy makers and implementers to find sustainable, integrated urban solutions for people worldwide who suffer from inadequate sanitation service, create value out of what was hitherto regarded as waste and thereby improve health.


Sarphati Sanitation Symposium

Join us at the first Sarphati Sanitation Symposium during Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 to discover and explore innovative sanitation methods, funding instruments and ways to increase the awareness and political support for sanitation.

Project Bangladesh feature Pourashava illustration - source BORDA


Theme Sarphati 2019: Integrated sanitation (collection, transport and treatment/re-use) solution for urban context

In the Netherlands almost all domestic wastewater is treated centralized. Flush toilets use liters of water and this wastewater is collected and discharged via the sewer system to wastewater treatment plants. This way of human and household waste water discharge is expensive and water and energy consuming. Worldwide progress towards full coverage of sanitation and wastewater treatment is insufficient to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6.2 in 2030.

The Sanitation community is challenged for more than a decade to come up with sustainable, scalable and affordable solutions.

Background Sarphati Sanitation Awards

Initiated in 2013 by World Waternet, Netherlands Water Partnership and Aqua for All, endorsed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS), the biennial Sarphati Sanitation Awards to honor the outstanding contribution of individuals or organizations to the global sanitation and public health challenge through entrepreneurship.

In 2018 the Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) joined the Sarphati Sanitation Award Partners Aqua for All and World Waternet, in organizing the SSA 2019.

For the Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2019 we called upon the next Sarphati – the entrepreneur and innovator who has forced a breakthrough for an integrated, collection, transport and (decentralized) treatment system of wastewater and human waste in urban settings.
This solution has a clear Sanitation Value Chain strategy, meeting the requirements on affordability/bankability, minimized water use, acceptability and user friendliness, scalability and re-use/recycling of materials.

Nominations for the two Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2019 could be submitted until 15-4-2019. We received many inspiring, outstanding examples of entrepreneurship in sanitation. All nominations were carefully assessed by the Sarphati Nomination Committee and Jury. The results cannot be discussed. Prize winners of the Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2019 were informed.

Impressions of the Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2017:

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