Towards a sustainable household water filter supply in Ethiopia - Aqua for All

Towards a sustainable household water filter supply in Ethiopia

Published: 27th February 2020

21 delegates from the Ethiopian private and public water sectors came together to discuss how to create a sustainable supply chain for household water filters in Amhara Region, Ethiopia. The meeting was organised by Aqua for All and partner Helvetas on 24 February in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.  

The problem that was addressed is the lack of financmechanisms to ensure the access of household water filters to all families who require such facilitiesTherefore, the meeting aimed at developing a road map for institutionalising a supply chain for household water filters  that is financially sustainable and inclusive  

Aqua for All plans to contribute to the development of a sustainable supply chain throughout Ethiopia by bringing together public and private stakeholders and facilitating collaboration among them.   

“We were impressed by the commitment of all parties to make sustainable access to safe water at household level a reality in the future”, said Aqua for All’s Senior Programme Manager, Ms Hester Foppen. 

By creating a sustainable supply, more families can access safe drinking water at home. This contributes to reducing diseases and time spent to fetch water, which is done primarily by women and girls.