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Premium payments for additional impact achieved

Social Impact Incentives for water and sanitation enterprises



Social Impact Incentives (SIINC) are part of the suite of Impact-Linked Finance instruments offered by the Impact-Linked Fund for WASH programme. SIINC have been developed by Roots of Impact in collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

SIINC reward selected water and sanitation enterprises with time-limited payments for achieving additional social and environmental impact. This additional revenue enables the enterprises to improve their profitability and attract investments. It therefore accelerates their scaling efforts and supports them in reaching self-sustainability. Selected water and sanitation enterprises must raise repayable investment(s) (equity, debt or mezzanine, etc.).

Using SIINC in the water and sanitation sector was successfully piloted in the Social Impact Incentives for WASH (SIINC for WASH) programme. Since 2020, SIINC for WASH has supported aQystaATEC, and KWSH.


Find out more about SIINC and how it has been applied to water and sanitation.

Impact-Linked Fund for WASH

The fund supports water and sanitation enterprises access funding under better terms for better impact.

ILF for WASH: Call for applications for SIINC

The first call for applications for SIINC closed in July 2022.

What are Social Impact Incentives (SIINC)?

SIINC are non-repayable incentives for water and sanitation for achieving additional impact


How can water and sanitation enterprises apply for SIINC?

Water and sanitation enterprises can only apply for SIINC through a call for applications.

The first call for SIINC applications for the Impact-Linked Fund was done in 2022. As part of the process, we organised a webinar to learn more about the fund and the key selection criteria for SIINC. The webinar also showcased how a SIINC transaction is implemented. You can access the webinar recording embedded in this website.

If you are interested in getting notified for the next call for applications for SIINC, contact us at

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