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WorldWaterRun – The Ethiopia Edition

Published: 23rd March 2021

The 2021 #WorldWaterRun has not passed by silently in Ethiopia! On Sunday March 21st, our colleague Thijs Merton organised the WorldWaterRun ‘Ethiopia Edition’. Together with athletes from Run Africa and participants from all over the world, a challenging run was organised in Yeka forest in the outskirts of Addis Ababa.

Abraham Getahun, Product Manager of Minch Filter and avid marathon runner, participated in the Run. We asked Abraham why he is so passionate about safe water and long-distance running:

Why did you participate in the World Water Run and how do you value water Abraham?

I wanted to contribute to this initiative as I have a responsibility to contribute to awareness on safe water. This is very important to me. Especially here in Ethiopia people struggle to get safe water. Even the tap water is not always safe to drink. I want to increase awareness, this is the main reason for me to contribute. I value water as it is part of our life. Everywhere you need water, there is no life without water.

Could you tell us about the water situation in Ethiopia?

2 years ago I went to Harshin, near Jijiga in Somali Region in the East of Ethiopia, to deliver 100 of our filters. Many people there are nomadic and I saw the water people used. For storage, a hole would be dug. The drinking water would be kept in this hole. The water would sometimes look like shiro (Ethiopian stew from powdered chickpeas and various spices). To preserve their health, the people needed access to safe water. It gave me a lot of mental satisfaction to support the people in this. I was not making much money, but it made me feel like a rich person, it was an amazing project.

How can we solve some of the worldwide water challenges, you think?

There is one famous Ethiopian proverb. The translation is something like “50 lemons is enough for 50 people, but way too much for 1 person.” We have the technology available to solve many of the worldwide water issues, but we have to work together. If we don’t have the network, the teamwork, how can we complete our shared mission? Education is also important, proper awareness about the importance of safe drinking water comes from proper education. That’s why this initiative is so important, to raise awareness on the issue.

On behalf of Mina Guli, Thirst Foundation, and Aqua for All, we thank you very much for your contribution Abraham! It is really my pleasure!

Minch Filter organised their own hike in Menagesha Forest outside Addis Ababa, on Saturday March 21st

We are thrilled about all the worldwide initiatives in support of the #WorldWaterRun!

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