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Ready to WA-KE UP: kick-off Business Accelerator Programme in Kenya

Published: 4th October 2021

Thursday, 30 September marked the kick-off of the WA-KE UP Business Accelerator Programme, the programme for eleven innovative water and sanitation enterprises who were selected among their competitors in a call for proposals launched in July. The eleven companies will run through a business development and acceleration programme, which will provide them the opportunity to develop tailored acceleration strategies, implement business development projects and pitch their companies to interested investors.


Kenya’s WASH and WRM market is characterized by considerable service gaps leaving millions of customers without access to clean water and/or safely managed sanitation. This is why Aqua for All together with cewas and OPERO Services have launched the WASH and WRM Business Acceleration Programme WA-KE UP in Kenya.

The WAKE-UP programme aims at boosting the investment readiness of emerging enterprises to scale up their service coverage and attract private investments. WA-KE UP provides concerted, sector and context-specific business development support for scaling up Kenyan WASH and WRM businesses. The WA-KE UP team combines WASH expertise with business development know-how and an extensive investor and business partner network. They provide an environment which supports entrepreneurs to bring their organisation to the next level.

The WAKE-UP programme is set to run from October 2021 to May 2022 and will include online as well as offline training and networking events in Nairobi and Naivasha. Find more information about the programme here:

The 2021 WA-KE UP Cohort

The following enterprises have been selected to participate in the programme:

Aljuli Engineering Limited is involved in the design of water reticulation systems; connection of customers to external water sources including rainwater harvesting, municipal, private and/or community water service providers; collection of the wastewater after use; treatment solutions for wastewater; and disposal of the treated water either within the environment or for re-use.

Aqua Clara Kenya (ACK) is a B Corporation certified social enterprise that designs and distributes Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) solutions across East Africa. ACK uses mobile software and mobile money to enable its customers, mostly living at BoP level, to pay for products in instalments.

Brooms Ltd is a portable toilet rental company offering a range of toileting facilities for construction sites and events.

Elphrods Services LLP offers financial services as affordable microloans to small, medium-sized enterprises and households within the low-income communities of Kisumu. Elphrod’s WASH loans are designed to offer flexible solutions to help landlords and homeowners access sanitation (sewered /non-sewered and water connections) and innovatively includes pit and septic tank emptying as well as upgrading of toilets for connections. The model has partnered with registered WASH service providers which guarantees the landlords get quality products.

Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company Limited (NAWASSCO) is a private company, but its major shareholder is the County Government of Nakuru. NAWASSCO staff is made up of the Corporate Management Team, Middle Management and Union sable Staff.

Nazava Water Filters empower low-income households to purify their well tap or rainwater without the need for boiling or using electricity. With Nazava Water Filters households obtain safer drinking water at lower costs, enabling them to save over US$ 100/year, whilst also reducing CO2 emissions.

Rural Water Management Solutions (K) Limited (RUWASCO) is a Kenyan registered social enterprise specialized in the development, operation, and management of smart water supply systems by using Innovative Service Delivery Models, the latest IT Solutions, and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). The company provides professionalization management services to water utilities through a Public-Owned-Privately-Managed model through a partnership framework with the county governments. The company also provides SMART water billing & payment services to water utilities

SANA International Holding Ltd has a demonstrated and unparalleled track record in professional management of Small and Medium Scale Rural Water Utilities in Kenya. The Social Enterprise located in Kisumu, Kenya, offers integrated innovative water service delivery solutions targeting both household and institutional consumers for sustained realization of SDG6.

Sonic Fresh Waters offers treatment, packaging and distribution of safe drinking water to households, as well as public and private institutions.

Elikham Systems Limited is a registered company in Kenya that equips urban communities to reduce and reuse wastewater at the point of production, thus enhancing their access to clean water and sanitation. As a result of the work, people live in a clean healthy environment and more water is made available for secondary use purposes.

Varet Products develops innovative, practical, and affordable solutions for the sanitation industry, in the form of products and infrastructure for effective solid waste and wastewater management. Varet’s holistic products and solutions cater to diverse B2C, and B2B markets, covering the entire sanitation spectrum from products (onsite solid waste management solutions) and services (corrective and maintenance products for wastewater and effluent treatment).