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Potential of decentralized solutions to address climate change

Published: 20th August 2020

World Water Week at Home (WWWeek at Home) will take place between 24 and 28 August 2020. This is the virtual edition of the 30th World Water Week in Stockholm (Sweden) that was cancelled in April due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

We have partnered with several organisations to co-organise two official online sessions and a virtual networking event:

  • Monday 24 August | 12:00-12:45 (CEST) Potential of decentralised solutions to address climate change. Find out how decentralised safe water enterprises (SWEs) are key solutions to ensure access to safe water for all while addressing climate change. You can find more information here:

Providing safe drinking water to billions of people in the face of climate change related disruptions is a key challenge facing governments, development actors, and the private sector. The objective of the session is to showcase a methodology to assess the climate resilience of the decentralized Safe Water Enterprise (SWE) model and highlight key strategies that can enhance their climate resilience. The SWE model, due to its inherent flexibility, modularity, and sustainability, can represent an important option in the toolkit of stakeholders looking to ensure safe water provision to a growing human population in the face of climate change.

Safe Water Enterprises are decentralized, modular, and sustainable approaches providing safe water to communities. They have emerged as a viable solution to help meet the world’s drinking water needs – including to communities that to date remain underserved by traditional solutions. However, climate change is increasingly threatening water supply systems around the world, including SWEs, and necessitates that water systems build resilience to guard themselves against potentially devastating effects.

The event will therefore focus on 1) showcasing a methodology to analyze the climate resilience of the SWEs, 2) the potential to further enhance the climate resilience of the SWE, and 3) discuss how key stakeholders in the ecosystem can join forces to fully leverage the potential of SWEs going forward.

The event will kick off with main findings from a SWEs climate study released mid-2020, and sponsored by key stakeholders in the space, including Danone Communities, Aqua For All, etc. This introduction will present a methodology to formally assess the climate resilience of SWEs, using key concepts and lessons from analysis related to climate resilience for businesses in general and specific adjacent sectors. Combining water climate risks and resilience analysis, the study classifies the world into seven unique water-climate segments