New water towers with solar-powered pumps in Mali financed by Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation - Aqua for All

New water towers with solar-powered pumps in Mali financed by Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation

Published: 17th August 2020

Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation has granted €170,000 euro to Partners Pays Dogon and Aqua for All to build eight water towers with solar-powered pumps in Dogon Country, Mali.

This project follows up a successful pilot implemented in 2019. The two water towers built last year have satisfactorily supplied water to households in Koundou and Wadouba villages. These towers were constructed using pressed clay stone and have solar panels attached to their shade roofs. The towers’ unique design matches with the traditional Dogon architecture.

Dogon Country is in a rural area in the Sahel, Mali. It does not have running water or electricity. Drinking water is supplied through water pumps. Infrastructure is poor and there is little economic activity. Women and children spend a lot of time fetching water and the pumps are often broken. In addition, security issues have forced many NGOs to leave the region.

This construction project will boost water access and the economy in the region and will improve the health of the population. These eight water towers will mean a giant leap forward in securing water supply in the villages. The project will also contribute to job creation and training for local technicians who can work in the construction and maintenance of the water towers. Besides this, access to safe water and locally produced soap will help contain the spread of Covid-19 in the area.

‘People’s appreciation for gaining access to water and for the team making it possible, deeply touched the technical team in Mali and me’, said Jan Joost Peskens, Partners Pays Dogon’s Water Programme Manager.

Since 2012, Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation finances sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene projects through Aqua for All. Aqua for All gave technical and organisational assistance to the project pilot in 2019. We will continue supporting Partners Pays Dogon, especially regarding the co-development and monitoring of the new project.