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Meet Aqua for All at World Water Week 2022

Published: 4th August 2022

World Water Week 2022 will be held from 23 August to 1 September 2022. This year, the event will have a hybrid format, with fully online sessions (23 – 25 August) and online plus on-site sessions in Stockholm (28 August – 1 September).

Join the leading conference on global water issues to explore new and innovative ways of water management and service provision. Learn how organisations address the links between water and the world’s most pressing issues—from food security to gender equality to biodiversity and climate.

Aqua for All co-organises several sessions, together with our partners. We look forward to welcoming you at these sessions.


Digital innovation as a driver of private investment in water

Date: Tuesday, 23 August, 08:30 – 09:50, virtual session.

Organisations involved: Aqua for All (Marlies Batterink), GSMA, National Bank of Kenya, SYSTEMIQ Ltd, Safaricom, CityTaps, SC Ventures.

How can digital technology such as machine-to-machine communication and digital payments improve the risk profile of water enterprises? This session explores the role of digital innovation in enabling innovative financing. Speakers from commercial banks, innovative financiers, utilities, and innovators will share their hands-on experience and insights.

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Connecting non-sewered sanitation to climate finance. Missing links?

Date: Tuesday, 23 August, 13:00 – 14:20, virtual session.

Organisations involved: Aqua for All, FINISH Mondial, FSM Alliance, Government of the Netherlands, Take-a-Stake Fund, WASTE.

What are the links between safely managed non-sewered sanitation and climate finance? Why is the WASH sector an enabler for climate resilience? This session advocates for the potential of safely managed non-sewered sanitation programmes to integrate climate goals as key objectives. By building links to climate resilience, sanitation enterprises can unlock new finance streams.

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Quality – Affordability – Sustainability:  Safe Water Enterprises, a winning market-based value proposition

Date: Tuesday, 23 August, 13:00 – 14:20, virtual session.

Organisations involved: 1001 Fontaines, Aqua for All (Shabana Abbas), Danone Communities, Drinkwell, Incofin Investment Management, iPure.

Several Safe Water Enterprises (SWEs) will share how they deliver drinking water, leveraging their market-based approach to ensure quality and accessibility for unserved communities while creating value for investors. In addition, funders will present why they consider SWEs a relevant social and financial investment.

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Scaling access to water and sanitation through local financial institutions

Date: Tuesday 23 August, 17:00 – 18:20, virtual session.

Organisations involved: Aqua for All (Marlies Batterink, Aarno Keijzer), Water Equity, National Bank of Kenya, Sidian Bank, M-Cril.

Access to loans can provide flexibility and increase funding sources for WASH service providers. The session will showcase how local commercial finance contributes to achieving SDG 6 and creates impact. International funders and local financial institutions will share how innovative finance facilities support the local finance for WASH value chain, which will result in long-lasting impact.

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Sanitation financing: creating market segments for more efficiency

Date: Tuesday 30 August, 16:00 – 16:30, hybrid session.

Organisations involved: ACTIAM, Amref, Aqua for All, FINISH Society, WASTE.

Innovative ways to finance sanitation are needed to attain SDG 6. Join this talk show to learn more about four  relevant market segments for sanitation, and get an understanding of how market segmentation can make sanitation financing more effective.

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