Our Annual Report 2019 is online! - Aqua for All

Our Annual Report 2019 is online!

Published: 26th August 2020

Our Annual Report 2019 is out! This report gives an overview of our activities in 2019 and the results of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Innovation Programme that Aqua for All implemented from 2014 until July 2019.

It presents the aggregated results of almost two decades (2002-2019) of efforts supporting innovative, sustainable solutions and enterprises to advance access to water and sanitation for people on low incomes in Africa and Asia.

2019 Was a year of achievement, learning and change. Our focus was on strengthening entrepreneurs on the ground by supporting them in their scaling strategies. We also prioritised long-term programmatic ways of working and tried to mobilise sources of impact funding locally and internationally. Use of our own funds to de-risk investments by others is a key part of our method, as is seeking synergies in the regions where we work: West Africa, East Africa and South Asia.

We can be proud of our pioneering approach to the water, sanitation and hygiene needs of low-income people. In total, Aqua for All managed €140 million in funds, including grants and leverage, between 2002 and 2019. Working with partners in their respective countries, and increasingly in dialogue with investors, our innovative model promises to bring about important results,’  Josien Sluijs, Managing Director Aqua for All.

You can download our Annual Report 2019 here.