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Our supervisory board combines the expertise of Dutch water sector representatives and reputable professionals

Aqua for All

Meet our supervisory board

Ms Bernadette Blom

Ms Blom is an expert in impact investing. She has experience as banking and financial consulting professional and is partner of FOUNT. She has a remarkable track record working for development initiatives of the Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, as well as of for other public and private institutions.

Mr Martien den Blanken

Mr den Blanken is the former director of Dutch water company PWN. He is currently chairman of Waternet’s supervisory board. He is known for his leadership in innovation to achieve scalable water solutions and improvements that take into account the public interest. Mr Den Blanken is an active leader and supporter of the advancement of the international water sector.

Mr Fon Koemans

Mr Koemans is the former chairman of the Dutch Water Authorities’ managing board. He has held directorships at numerous social organisations, both national and international. He is specialised in quality assurance within organisations from a financial perspective. After many years of valuable contributions, Mr Koemans will leave Aqua for All’s supervisory board in April 2020 and will be replaced by Mr van Houwelingen.

Mr Sybe Schaap

Mr Schaap is the former chairman of Groot Salland region, the Dutch Association of Water Authorities, and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP). In addition, he is a national government representative and a highly-acknowledged professor of philosophy with a broad international network.

Mr Hans van Houwelingen

Mr Van Houwelingen is the former CEO of ACTIAM NV, an alternative investment fund manager which focuses on sustainability and global financial inclusion impact investing. He is currently chairman of the supervisory board of Telelink Business Services from Bulgaria. He sees techology as the main driver of change for the coming years. Mr Van Houwelingen believes in the role of the private sector and financial markets as instrumental to achieve a sustainable society.