Reunion Rwanda

How did the participants of the Water&ICT Challenge fare since then?


In the summer of 2015, VIA Water hosted a Water&ICT-challenge in Rwanda. During one week five teams worked alongside each other on their ideas to find innovative (ICT) solutions for urgent water problems in the urban environment. At the end of the week, the teams pitched their ideas to an international jury, and the two best teams received prizes to develop their ideas further. The winner of the Challenge, Severe Weather Consult Ltd. was recently admitted to the IMPACT Booster , which will help them to actually bring their product to the market. 

On the 17th of January, the participants will reunite to share their experiences since the Challenge. Did they develop their idea further, of were there hick-ups in their journey? We will ask them what we might do to help future participants of challenges such as this, and want to know what parts of the Challenge were most useful. And of course we are curious about their plans for the future: will they be developing project ideas for VIA Water? Or do they have other plans to improve the water situation in Rwanda? 

Anything you would like to ask them? Let us know by commenting below! We will update after the event.